How To Earn A Second Income Online

With Matched Betting


This blog is aimed at helping you understand Matched Betting and how to use it to earn a second income online from home.

Join me in this journey and you too could earn a second income online from home.


Firstly...Matched Betting is NOT gambling

Secondly...Many bookmakers online offer free sign up/welcome bonuses as a way of getting new customers to open accounts with them, or to encourage them to continue to place bets if they’re already signed-up.

The technique of Matched Betting is to take advantage of these offers to make guaranteed profits.

This is done by betting on all outcomes of an event. Therefore, it is a well calculated technique, that always results in a profit.


Suitable for complete beginners

(You don't need to have placed a bet before...

or even know about sports to get started)

Way to earn a guaranteed income every month online

Can fit it around your Full-time or Part time job

Great for students with extra time on their hands

A way for stay at home mums and dads to earn extra money for the family

Overall, it's a great method that can anyone can take advantage of!


Beginner Friendly

Very suitable for beginners. Whether you're new to sports or you've never placed a bet in your life, Profit Accumulator will guide you through it all. 

In-depth Tutorials

Easy to follow video and written tutorials/guides to help you through the process. 

Active Forum

A chance to interact with other members and get help on different offers. Members also share their experiences and tips.

20,000+ Members

Ordinary people, like you and me, earning money every month. If they can do it, you can too.

FREE Trial

Get started with a FREE trial and you could earn up to £45. (No payment details required)

Basic & Advanced Tools

Get access to basic tools for beginners, then advanced tools to increase your earning potential.

Daily Reload Offers

New offers listed daily for existing accounts. So even if you've opened bookmaker accounts already you can still get access to reload offers. The chance to earn extra money almost everyday.

Profit Accumulator has helped me earn up to £630/month

Ready To Give Matched Betting A Try?

Start with a FREE Trial, You Could Earn Up To £45

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About Me

I'm Steph and I created this blog to share my experiences of Matched Betting. I started my journey back in January 2016 and I remember what it was like to be a complete newbie. So now I want to share my experiences, tips and profit updates to show you that this method works and to help you earn a second income online from home.


Matched Betting is NOT Gambling, but it does involve placing bets. If you have problems with Gambling please visit GambleAware​