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Cheltenham Festival Tips For Matched Betting [2018 Edition]


We've reached that time of the year again!

Cheltenham Festival 2018!

Not only is it one of the biggest horse racing events, it's one of the most profitable events in Matched Betting.

In this post I'll be sharing my biggest Cheltenham Festival tips to help you make as much as possible this year.

What is cheltenham festival and why is it so popular?

Photo by Simson Petrol on Unsplash

Cheltenham Festival is a world-famous horse racing event which takes place in Gloucestershire, on the Cheltenham racecourse.

It runs in March every year and this year it'll be running from Tuesday 13th March to Friday 16th March, which will include 28 races.

This event has a huge betting market, which makes it very competitive. As a result, the bookmakers compete with each other by offering exclusive deals.

This makes it a great opportunity for Matched Bettors to take advantage of the offers and make a profit.

How much money can you make?

There are a lot of factors that can influence how much money you make, such as:

  • check
    How much money you have to start with
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    The number of bookmakers you're signed up with
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    How much time you have to place bets

Not only that, we don't really know what offers the bookmakers will be offering just yet.

That's why I really encourage you to stay up to date with a Matched Betting service like Profit Accumulator, as they'll provide daily updates on the latest Cheltenham offers.

However, here's a quick look at what I was able to make during Cheltenham Festival the past 2 years:

Cheltenham festival tips - how to prepare yourself

Here's a list of my top Cheltenham Festival tips to help you stay organised and prepared for the event:

1) Place Mug Bets on Horses

You should aim to place a few mug bets on horses in the run up to Cheltenham Festival. This is done by placing small bets on a few horse racing events.

The goal with this is to make yourself look like an average bettor. So, lay your bets off at the exchange, which will only incur a small loss.

2) Familiarise Yourself with Horse Racing Refunds and Extra Place Offers

Not only should you place a few mug bets on racing events, I also encourage you to familirise yourself with everyday horse racing refunds and extra place offers. This way you'll be more prepared when the Cheltenham offers come around.

If you're not too sure how to do some of these refund and extra place offers, Profit Accumulator have some great video and written tutorials to help you out.

3) Sign Up To The TOP Bookmakers

You'll find that some of the top bookmakers will be providing the best/most offers, therefore another Cheltenham Festival tip is to sign-up with these accounts:

William Hill



Betfair Sportsbook






4) Make Sure You Have Enough Money In The Exchanges

Try to get as much money into your exchange accounts as you can. This way you can complete more offers.

For example, last year I withdrew money from bookies I didn't use much and deposited those funds into the exchange.

5) Sign Up With Smarkets for 0% Commission (via Profit Accumulator)

Profit Accumulator currently have a special promotion with Smarkets, whereby all Platinum members can get 0% commission on all bets with Smarkets. 

So this is great for placing bets during Cheltenham Festival, as it means a smaller qualifying loss and more profit for you when laying your bets. 

So if you haven't already set up your account for 0% commission then read this guide for more information.

6) Set Up A PayPal Account For Faster Deposits and Withdrawals

There are a number of bookmakers which allow you to deposit/withdraw using PayPal, so another Cheltenham Festival tip is to have all this set up so you can make quicker withdrawals.

This is really useful for when you need to transfer money around really quickly. I've known some withdrawals to only take a few hours with Paypal, so it's definitely worth having an account. 

Cheltenham Festival Tips - General Advice

1) Don't Rush

I know it's easy to want to rush ahead so you can make as much money as possible, but it's important to try to take your time with placing bets and completing offers as you could end up making a mistake. 

2) Don't Take On Too Much 

If you’re new to Matched Betting or horse racing offers don’t feel pressured to take on every single offer. I'd encourage you to only do the offers you feel most comfortable with, and use this as a way to build your balance.

Mistakes can cost you. The aim is to make a profit, so doing fewer offers could actually be better for you in the long run.

3) Keep Yourself Organised 

Plan ahead of the Cheltenham Festival so you know what bookmakers you're likely to bet from, which exchanges you need to transfer money too and how to do refunds offers etc. 

Profit Accumulator have a "Daily Calendar" which will help you stay up to date with the latest offers.

Additionally, you can have a read of my latest post "7 Simple Tips To Help You Stay Organised Matched Betting 2018"

4) Don't Over Do It

Try not to place bets that are completely different to your regular betting routine, otherwise this may flag your account and increase your chances of getting gubbed.

That's why it's important to start early, and to place mug bets and other horse racing offers. 

5) Have Fun

Cheltenham Festival is a profitable time, but can also be a stressful time if you rush and try to take on too much.

Use this as your opportunity to make some extra money and to have fun doing it.

I remember having fun and feeling excited the previous years, so I definitely want to keep that momentum again this year.

profiting from cheltenham festival offers even if you're gubbed

Being gubbed from the bookmakers can have a real impact on your profits, however, there are still a number of ways to continue to earn money during the Cheltenham Festival

  • check
    Extra Place Offers
  • check
    New Sign Up Offers
  • check
    Price Boosts
  • check
    Each Way Betting
  • check
    Casino/Bingo Offers

Some of these techniques will be a bit advanced. However, using a Matched Betting service such as Profit Accumulator will provide you with the in-depth guides/tutorials and tools to help you learn and master these methods. 

For further advice on earning when you're gubbed, you can read my guide on Matched Betting without free bets

why i recommend profit accumulator

Profit Accumulator is my most recommended Matched Betting service and is the one I personally use to earn an income online. Here's a few reasons why Profit Accumulator is the best platform to help you earn during the festival.

1) Daily updates

You can expect to get the latest daily offers using the daily calendar and "offers" tab

2) Advanced tools

Profit Accumulator have advanced tools to help you make the most money during the festival, such as:

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    Match Catcher - A tool that helps you find the best horse racing matches for horse refunds
  • check
    Advanced Calculator - To calculate your qualifying losses and overall profits using advanced calculators such as their each-way calculator
  • check
    Each Way Matcher - The best tool for finding each way bets, and earning from extra place offers

3) Special Cheltenham Festival Competition

There is currently a competition for all Platinum members where the prizes include free memberships and tickets to the Royal Ascot event or to see England at Wembley.

4) Helpful Forum

The forum has a number of threads to help you make the most money and discuss the different offers available.

For example, there's a dedicated "Cheltenham price boost" thread where members will post the latest price boosts. If you get the boost early the bets can really add up to a nice extra income for little work. 

As a Platinum member you get access to a lot of threads to help you make the most money and get help from a community of other Matched Bettors.

Final Words

There's a lot of money to be made at the festival this year, and I hope my Cheltenham Festival tips will help you make the most of it. 

Wishing you a very profitable festival!

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