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MatchedBets Review – Matched Betting with 

Share reviewIf you’ve been looking for a way to earn some extra money online, then you can probably tell from this site that Matched Betting is one of my recommended ways to do so. Despite its name, Matched Betting isn’t gambling. Instead, it’s a method that involves taking advantage of bookmaker offers to guarantee a profit.

You’ve probably been thinking about Matched Betting and wondering what service you should use to make the most out of it. Most people would have heard about Profit Accumulator, which is the site I use, but if you’ve been looking for an alternative, then may be an option for you.

I signed up for their free trial and spent some time as a premium member to share my thoughts and provide you with a true and balanced review.

(If you’d like to know more about Matched Betting you can take a look at my “Getting Started” guide)


MatchedBets is a Matched Betting service, which essentially takes the hard work out of Matched Betting. (More info on MB services here)

MatchedBets started in 2016 and is still a very new service compared to others out there. The sites take the stress out of having to do things manually, thereby giving you more time to complete offers, and effectively make more money.

With their Free Trial you to earn up to £50 with 3 different sign-up offers.

Is MatchedBets Legit?

Yes, MatchedBets is very much a legitimate service. I’ve tried out the program for myself, and they have done a good job at making the site easy for beginners. They also give you detailed training guides, helpful support and access to very useful tools.


Free Trial

  • MatchedBets offer a Free Trial, with 3 beginner offers which you can expect to earn you £50
  • It’s very easy to sign up and you can get started within a few minutes


Premium Membership

  • Monthly: £14.99/month
  • Yearly: £140/year (Discount offer £99/year – Limited Time Only)

MatchedBets Pricing


Why you should Consider Upgrading to premium

The free trial is a great way to test out MatchedBets and see if it’s the service you’d like to continue with for Matched Betting. You get access to 3 beginner offers, the oddsmatching software and the Match calculator. However, when you upgrade to Premium membership, you get access to much more:

More bookmaker offers:

You get access to over 180 welcome and reload offers, which are also updated daily.

Advanced tools:

1. Oddsmatcher: Although you get access to the Oddsmatcher in the free trial, it’s limited to a few bookmakers. With Premium membership, the Oddsmatcher is linked with 32 bookmakers and 4 exchanges.

2. AccaBacker: As you start getting familiar with different offers, you’ll eventually start working on Acca insurance offers. AccaBacker is an advanced tool that allows you to save time and make more money on those Acca insurance offers. There are 4 profit making methods to choose from (Lay at start, No Lay, Sequential Lay and Lock In), and inbuilt user guides to help you understand each method. You can filter the options and make changes to create your own Acca choices. It integrates smoothly with the calculator, so you can see your profits. And it’s mobile optimised for when you’re on the go.

In-depth Training On Different Matched Betting Strategies:

You’ll be provided with in-depth training on different offer types in Matched Betting, such as extra place offers and Acca insurance offers.


MatchedBets offer a good set of tools to aid you in Matched Betting successfully.

1. Oddsmatcher software

Used to find good matches to place bets on.

MatchedBets OddsMatcher

2. Match Calculator

To calculate your profits.

MatchedBets Match Calculator

3. Bet Tracker

An easy way to track your bets and track your profits.

MatchedBets Bet Tracker

4. AccaBacker

To help you save time and make more money on Acca insurance offers. AccaBacker


  • Free Trial – Make up to £50 with 3 sign up offers
  • Bet Tracker – With the Bet Tracker you can track your bets and track your profits. You get a better overview of how much you’ve earnt. I really like this feature also because you can share your earnings with other people to prove how much you’re making. Although Profit Accumulator has now added a feature similar to this, MatchedBets was the first site I came across with a feature to track both your profits and bets. I was glad they’d done so as it can be easy to get lost with spreadsheets and notebooks.
  • Lots of Bookmaker Offers – There are lots of sign up and reload offers listed in the Premium area.
  • Oddsmatcher Live Updates – This is definitely one of my favourite features of MatchedBets. The Oddsmatcher refreshes itself in real-time, so you don’t have to do it yourself manually and you can see exactly what the odds are. I don’t know of any other MB site that does this, so it’s definitely a unique feature for MatchedBets.
  • Oddsmatcher Tool Is Included With Each Offer Description– Another aspect of MatchedBets that I like is that the Oddsmatcher is embedded with each offer’s description. So you don’t have to open the Oddsmatcher on a separate tab. It’s all on one page, which means having fewer tabs open on your browser.
  • Forum and LiveChat Support – MatchedBets offer LiveChat support from 8 am til Late every day. This is another feature I haven’t seen on other MB sites, so it’s definitely a plus. Matched Betting can be a bit confusing, and sometimes requires some additional one to one help, and this LiveChat feature can allow you to have that. You can also communicate via the forum and via email.
  • Cancel Anytime– When you decide to sign up for Premium membership, you have the option to cancel at any time and you’re not tied down to any contracts
  • Cheaper Than Other MB Services – MatchedBets is currently the cheapest of the main paid Matched Betting services. And with the money you’ll make from Matched Betting you’ll definitely be able to cover memberships costs very quickly.


  • Currently No Horse Racing Tools – I noticed that there are currently no horse racing tools. As horse racing refunds are a good source of MB income, tools to help with these offers are always very useful. So I was surprised that this wasn’t available from MatchedBets. However, it appears that this is something that they are working on.
  • Not Much Forum Interaction – If forum interaction isn’t an issue for you, then you may not see this as much of a con, but I’m quite big on forum interaction, and I noticed that there isn’t much going on at the moment. This could be because the site is still very new, and I’m sure that this will improve over time.
  • Not Enough Images/Videos With Some of the Training Guides – Another thing I noticed was that the training guides didn’t have enough images or videos. I’m more of a visual learner so this would definitely help me when understanding different Matched Betting methods.

Overall, these “cons” may not be an issue for everybody, and there are much more benefits that MatchedBets has to offer. These are just the things I feel would make the whole experience better for me, and I know this may be different for others. I’m already aware that some of these features are being developed, so those will just require a bit of patience.

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Final Words

MatchedBets is a promising Matched Betting service with lots to offer. I think it is very well suited for those who are beginners/intermediate in Matched Betting. I feel it can also cater to more advanced users with the AccaBacker software, but I also believe the site could benefit from further tools such as a horse racing tool and other advanced calculators.

Overall, I feel very positive about MatchedBets, and it is a site I would recommend for Matched Betting if you’re looking for an alternative to Profit Accumulator.

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