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Profit Accumulator Review 2017 – BIG Updates!

I joined Profit Accumulator back in January 2016, and since March 2017 there have been some awesome new changes within Profit Accumulator that are totally worth sharing!

The aim of this review is to talk about how Profit Accumulator has changed in 2017, and share with you all the new updates and features available so far.


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1. Reduced price

In the past Profit Accumulator was known for increasing their prices, however, this year things have changed and they actually decreased their monthly membership from £22.99 to £17.99. Although it’s probably still the most expensive Matched Betting service available, it has a lot of awesome new updates and features which I believe make it worth every penny. I will discuss these further.


profit accumulator membership price


2. Loyalty Bonus

Profit Accumulator have now included a “loyalty bonus” feature which allows you to make savings to your membership fees after a certain period of time. So after 12 months the price changes will be:
  • £17.99/month to £14.99/month
  • £150/year to £115/year

There’s a “loyalty bonus” bar within your “My Accounts” section where you can see how long you have till your price change is due.

profit accumulator review

As a result of this bonus I now currently pay only £14.99/month for my Platinum membership, which now makes the price much more comparable to other Matched Betting Services.


3. Profit Tracker

Profit Accumulator have introduced their own Profit Tracker.


It can be found within “My Accounts” and is a great way to keep track of the money you’re making, all under one site, so you don’t need to have any spreadsheets or notebooks.


I like this feature very much, and it makes it easier for me to document and share my earnings with others.


I feel it’s more enhanced than other trackers I’ve seen on sites like, as you’re also able to add notes/description so you can jot down what the offer was and what you bet on etc. You can also filter the options to see what you’ve earned month by month.


profit accumulator review
More recently they added an extra feature to this tool which allows you to also track your account balances and withdrawals. This will help you stay more organised with your accounts and your profits.


PA are still updating and improving the tool, so it can only get better!


4. “Gubbed” filter


PA have now included a feature that allows you filter out offers from your “gubbed” accounts. For example, I’m gubbed from sites like BetBright and Betway, and can no longer take part in any offers. Thanks to this “gubbed” filter feature I can filter out these bookmakers, so whenever I view the reloads section I won’t see offers from those bookmakers.


profit accumulator review


It’s still in it’s early stages, so there’s still a few bugs to fix. But it’s nice to have this, and I’m sure it will get better with time.


5. Match Catcher & Acca Catcher included 

In the past, the Match Catcher and Acca Catcher apps were part of Platinum Plus which was a seperate membership costing £15.99/month.


After listening to the feedback of it’s members, PA finally decided to include those apps under the main Platinum membership of £17.99/month. So you no longer have to pay for a separate membership, which I’m SO glad about.


profit accumulator review
(Note: If you haven’t yet cancelled you’re Platinum Plus membership you will need to contact the support team for this, and you may even be due a refund, so it’s worth asking.)


6. Advanced calculators

profit accumulator review


When i joined last year the only calculator included in the membership was the simple betting calculator. Now they have included some new advanced calculators which has been a big improvement. These include:


  • Fixabet Calculator – This has a few uses. The main one being used to cancel out lay bet errors, as well as fixing unmatched lay bets. Before they used to recommend the tricky bet calculator, but now they’ve include this feature within the membership which is great.

PA even have a thread dedicated to being able to use this calculator to lock in profit with the Paddy Power 2 Up football offers.

  • Eachway Calculator – During Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National this calculator was so useful because it allowed me to calculate each way bets much quicker and I was able to work through extra place offers much faster. Before this it used to take me ages to place each way bets and it would put me off. Now with the calculator, a lot of the tedious work is taken away, making it easier to work through the Extra Place offers.
  • Refund IF Calculator – This was one of the first advanced calculators PA introduced. It allows you to lock in profit when a refund trigger is offered by a bookmaker.  PA have also included a complete guide for this calculator including an example of an offer that requires this calculator.
  • Bonus Lock-In Calculator – You can use this calculator to guarantee a profit on offers such as “money back as a bonus/free bet if you bet loses”. Both win and lose modes are available with this calc. In the past you could use a spreadsheet to calculate your profit, but I’m happy to see that it’s now a calculator which can be access through the main site.

These are just a few of the advanced calculators currently available…with even more to come!


7. Updated Oddsmatcher 

PA will be updating their Oddsmatching software. The new oddsmatcher is still currently in it’s beta phase and aims to be faster and more realiable. I’ve also noticed that it now updates the odds in real-time, so you can up to date with the odds as they’re changing.


Looking at the image below, the red and green colour blocks highlight where the odds have changed in real-time.


Green = Decreased odds
Red = Increased odds


profit accumulator review
Before seeing this feature on PA’s oddsmatcher I’d only seen on oddsmatcher. But now that PA have included this, along with the other features, it’s made the program much more exciting to be a part of.

8. Forum threads

Profit Accumulator have included forum threads dedicated to sharing the offers than you can do to earn £300 to £1000 a month.


They started these threads towards the end of 2016, but they are so useful in 2017 to people who want to earn more with Matched Betting. You get to see what offers are available, and what the estimated profits are for those offers too.


“How to make £300 a month” thread:
The £300 thread is great for people wanting to do Matched Betting part time, and have other commitments, such as a full time job, that make it difficult to take part in every offer. Majority of the offers listed here will be risk free, which means you can build your bank gradually and then if you want, can tackle the bigger, less risk-free offers.
“How to make £1000 a month” thread:
The £1000 thread suits those who have more time on their hands to take part in more offers, than those who want to do the offers that aren’t totally risk free but have a higher earning potential.
I personally stick to the £300 thread offers, and may look in the £1000 thread offers from time to time depending on my daily schedule. This is a personal choice, but it’s great to have both threads so you can pick and choose the offers you want to do.


9. New Tutorial Videos

I’ve recently noticed that there are more tutorial videos available for different offers. I’ve found this to be SO useful. I’m a visual learner, so videos definitely help when I’m learning about a new offer or a new method.


For example, a new video tutorial for placing each-way bets/extra place offers has been included. A video like this would have definitely helped me when I started learning extra place offers, but it’s good to see that it’s finally been added.


I currently don’t know of any other MB service that has as many video tutorials as PA, so this is an extra plus for me!


10. Dutching tool

This is a tool very similar to the odds matching software, but instead of showing odds between the bookmakaer and the exchange, it shows odds between different bookmakers for the same event. The aim in Dutching is to back all various outcomes of an event across various bookmakers.


I’m personally not at that familiar with the Dutching method, but it’s something I would like to learn in the near future and I’m sure this dutching tool will be very helpful for me when I take that plunge. At the time of writing the tool is still in it’s beta phase. I hope to do a full review when it’s fully functioning and when I’m using the dutching method for matched betting myself.


To be honest, I’ve seen some mixed opinions within the forum regarding the need for this tool, and as I’m not clued up about Dutching, I can’t really give my own opinion. But I am glad to see that this tool is being made available within the full membership, so I definitely think there will be members that will benefit from it without having to pay extra or use other websites.


Coming soon…

Profit Accumulator are still not yet done provding more amazing updates and features. Some of the upcoming updates include:


  • Eachway Matcher (for doing extra place offers)
  • Even more Advanced Calculators
  • …to name a few



Final Words

Profit Accumulator have really come a long way so far this year and have clearly taken the time to listen to the needs of it’s members, and I feel they’ve made their membership much better than it was last year.


I think it’s the perfect platform for beginners, and these new updates and tools totally make it stand out from any other Matched Betting service I’ve reviewed in the past.


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What are your thoughts on the new Profit Accumulator updates? Do you have a favourite update? Are there any other updates/new features you’d like within the program? Share your thoughts, comments and experiences in the section below

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