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7 simple tips to stay organised Matched Betting in 2018

7 Simple Tips To Help You Stay Organised Matched Betting in 2018


Do you struggle to stay organised Matched Betting?

Not sure how to keep track of all your profits, deposits and withdrawals?

If you've been Matched Betting for a while, you'll know it's a great way for to earn some extra tax-free income online, but staying organised can sometimes be a challenge. 

So, in today's post I want to share with you some tips to help you stay organised Matched Betting in 2018 and keep you on top of your MB goals.

Even if you're a complete beginner and decided to take the plunge this year, then these tips will be a great way to help you keep everything in order right from the start. 

1. Open A Separate Bank Account

One of the first tips I recommend is opening up a completely seperate bank account to keep all your Matched Betting earnings in one place. I prefer not mixing my personal earnings with Matched Betting, and I use it as an extra precaution to prevent any potential mortgage issues in the future.

You can either set up a new account with your current bank provider, but I'd suggest using a different bank entirely. For example, if you bank with Barclays, then consider opening an account with Natwest.

2. Open An e-Wallet Account

Another important thing to do to stay organised Matched Betting is to open up an e-wallet account. 

An e-wallet account allows you to deposit and withdraw your money much faster than with a bank account. In most cases you'll receive your withdrawn funds within a few hours, compared to 3-5 days when using your bank card.

I mainly use Paypal, but you could also set up acocunts with Skrill and Netreller.

Note: When signing up to a new bookmaker, you should use your bank card to deposit as most sign up offer terms & conditions require a card deposit to qualify. Then later on you can connect your e-wallet account.

3. Set Up A New Email Account

You should definitely set yourself a new email account to sign up with the bookmakers. 

As you'll be signing up to multiple bookmakers, you'll soon start to receive a huge number of emails with new offers and promotions.

Therefore, another top tip to stay organised Matched Betting is to set up a new email account. 

It'll allow you to keep all the Matched Betting emails seperate from your personal emails. 

I suggest using Gmail. You can set up a Gmail account here.

4. Create Email "Labels" To Seperate Bookmakers

Following on from the previous tip, consider setting up "labels" for different bookmakers.

So when a new email comes from that bookmaker it gets saved to your dedicated label. It's sort of like having individual folders dedicated to each bookmaker. 

I'm only familiar with this feature on Gmail accounts. 

If you're not familiar with this feature, then take a look at this detailed video below. 

5. Track Your Profits Using A Profit Tracker

It's really important to keep track of the profit you're earning with Matched Betting.

Not only is this good to keep an eye of where your money is...it's also handy to have visual proof of the results your getting. The more you start to earn the more motivating it can be.

And you can use your results as a way to prove to others that Matched Betting really works, and that you're not just "gambling your money away"

Therefore, another top tip for staying organised with Matched Betting is to use a profit tracker.

There are a few profit trackers available for this purpose, but I personally like to use the Profit Accumulator Profit Tracker. (Note: You need to be a platinum member in order to access this feature)

If you're not keen on using a profit tracker, then you can always create your own spreadsheet on Excel (Windows) or Numbers (Mac)

6. Use A Notepad Or Spreadsheet

If you like to keep things a bit old school, then you can keep a note of your bets using a good old fashioned Pen and Notepad, such as a Pukka Pad.

Although the Profit Accumulator profit tracker has incorportated a notes section for adding info about the bets you've placed, I personally prefer to have things written down on paper vs having them on the computer.

However, you can also create a spreadsheet or add to your profit tracker spreadsheet if you'd rather have all this information on your computer.

7. Join Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator (PA) has been the #1 tool that has really allowed me to successfully profit from Matched Betting.

I know there are other services available, some of which I've tested myself, but overall I feel Profit Accumulator was the best platform for complete beginners.

So, with the help of PA, you can further stay organised Matched Betting, using their helpful tools:

  • Daily Calendar:  This feature allows you to see what offers are available for the day
  • Regular Weekend Reload Emails: PA send emails every Saturday morning with a list of offers available for the weekend. I make a note of the offers I'm able to take part in and go through them in the order that's most suitable for me.
  • Dedicated Forum Threads: There are 2 main threads provided by PA which I also use to stay organised Matched Betting, and to stay up-to-date with the latest offers. The "How To Make £300 A Month" and "How To Make £1000 A Month" threads allow me to see which offers are available for me to take advange of for the day. 

Why not give Profit Accumulator a try today, with a FREE Trial...Click the Link Below

There are other Matched Betting Services available, if you're looking for alternatives to Profit Accumulator, including:

They both offer their own methods for helping you stay organised. 

Final Words

Great, there you have it! 7 Simple Tips to Help You Stay Organised Matched Betting in 2018. 

Matching Betting can be a profitable way to make some extra cash online, so don't let being unorganised stop you from reaching your full potential. 

The start of the new year is the perfect time to get organised and make 2018 your most profitable Matched Betting year ever!

How do you stay organised with Matched Betting?

What are your top tips for being organised this year?

Have you learnt any new tips to implement this year?

Be sure to share any comments and/or questions you have in the section below. 

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